Sonido . Dario Lazzaretto . Italia

"Falling in love" obra de Dario Lazzaretto en Digital Media 1.0

"Falling in love" aguardando el montaje

Dario Lazzaretto probando su obra "Falling in love"

Disposición de la obra de Dario Lazzaretto "Falling in love"
en la "Sala Estudi General" de La Nau

"Falling in love"by Dario Lazzaretto

Padova, Italy - 2007

Materials and dimension:

-Red plexiglass

-Cd player

-Steel spring

-6 white led lights

-4 rubber feets

About the opera: "This audio-box try to explain a feeling, as i felt it a lot of time". "...In common sense "falling in love" is like a squared and clear idea of an emotional relationship, a feeling that can be short and intense, maybe also with a good ending. When someone "decide" to push his/her limits and let the feeling flow to fall in love with someone else, and press the heart shaped button, he will hear the sound of this emotion, as I felt it a lot of time, from the headphones of human memory, covered in red soft wool..."

Dario Lazzaretto

Dario Lazzaretto, born in Padova, Italy 15 July 1975

Associated of Young Italian Artists (GAI) since 1996 in the category Litterature, from 2000 also in Visual art & Installations. From 1996 today he has participated to many visual art exposures with soundart and installations. He has realized, moreover, numerous compositions of musical soundtracks for commercials. Currently working in the Municipality of Padova, with organizational assignments of artistic events, and in the meantime it continues the own artistic search and the relative promotion, paints, comic strips. Since july 2006 he organizes personal exposition of other artists in a no-profit gallery (

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