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Giles Walker dando los últimos retoques a su obra para Digital Media 1.0

ARTIST AND MUSICIAN Giles Walker has been working as a sculptor for 18 years. He was a member of anarchic artgroup THE MUTOID WASTE Co. in the late eighties and early nineties, making sculptures from scrap metal and recycled car parts.

Since then he has worked all over the world, on various projects, in all different medias, often teaming up with different artists, musicians, fashion designers and film makers.....these have included Jock Scot, Ian Dury, Michiko Koshino and many others.

He was a founding member of the rock n robot band ANTIBODY. He is the lead vocalist for RUBY THROAT,the masters of bad, knees-up, speedfunk and rudeness.

They've had the privilege to work and record with Ian Dury and were often seen supporting Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

Check out RUBY THROAT for an earful of their classics such as 'Misbehaviour' and some new stuff.

Now, on the run from London burlesque and parking tickets, he lives in Valencia, Spain. For the last few years he has been building robots..droids such as the fully animated DJ... which, with his old mutoid mukka, Wreckage, he has taken to Japan, Ukraine and Russia.

Recently, he's done a fair bit of corporate whoring with THE CORPORATE HORSE... Building bits of sculpture with his tits out for dirty money.

This summer he finished building two robotic pole dancers, who were guests in TRASH CITY, at Glastonbury this year.

In January, he is taking the dancers on 'THE BIG DAY OUT TOUR' in Australia ...... meanwhile he prepares a collection of stuff for his own show, in Valencia, early next year....

( Texto copiado del myspace de Giles Walker )

Detalle de uno de sus robots

Ubicación en el edificio de la obra de Giles Walker

Giles Walker participando en una de las conferencias

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